USS Achilles

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CO: Joshua Bennettr-o5
XO: Lukas Dempseyr-o4

The 12th Fleet has been assigned to exploratory endeavors in the space between the Ferengi, Cardassians, and Tzenkethi, which is now under Federation influence. Bearing a torch into these unknown regions, Starfleet elements in this region have been tasked with finding allies, identifying threats, and otherwise illuminating the darkness. Based in the Cyngus Sector, the USS Achilles and her survey group are the first Federation ships in this area, truly going where no one has gone before. A prototype for a new breed of quantum slipstream-driven Intrepid-class light explorers, the Achilles is the fastest vessel yet built by Starfleet, and has a littany of other upgrades that makes her supremely qualified for these first steps into a strange part of the unknown blackness.

With a mandate to promote peaceful expansion of Federation interests in the region and to enhance our scientific understanding, the Achilles must always walk a tight rope between the pursuit of truth and appeasement of our neighbors, both new and old. We invite you to have a look around and consider joining, if you would like to be part of a group that prizes excellent writing and character development. Assigned to mainly exploratory, scientific, and diplomatic missions, we will engage in cerebral storylines that prize character interaction and growth above pure action, while retaining those adrenaline-packed moments that pepper any good Star Trek story.

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