USS Vanguard

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CO: Terrikr-o5
XO: Zara Amayar-o4

The frigate USS Vanguard has recently been assigned to Task Group Excalibur, operating out of Starbase Sierra Six, in a response to the fractured and constantly shifting situation along the Romulan Neutral Zone following the Hobus disaster.

Conflicting interests from the ambitious remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, the territory hungry Klingon Empire, as well as many smaller parties such as the Tholian Assembly and Gorn Hegemony have led to a melting pot in the vacuum left by the Romulan Star Empire.

The fast and nimble Vanguard is ideally suited to help keep the peace and continue the Federation's aid and assistance efforts in the sector. However, aside from it's usual rapid response, reconnaissance and small ship duties, the Vanguard has another purpose in the sector. Utilising the most up to date in Starfleet technology, and with a highly trained crew, the Vanguard is often tasked with deep cover missions, infiltrations and covert operations under the direction of Starfleet Special Operations.

The road to peace is sometimes a rough one. Do you have the skills and the determination to do whatever is necessary to join the Vanguard in it's hidden war for peace?

Available Positions

Officer Positions

Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer

Enlisted Positions

Quartermaster/Command Master Chief
Flight Deck Chief
Gunners Mate
Intelligence Analyst
Boatswain's Mate
Transporter Technician
Damage Technician
Engineer's Mate
Matter/Energy Specialist
Construction Master Chief
Structural/Environmental Engineer
Scientist's Mate
Stellar Cartographer
Historical/Cultural Chief
Head Nurse
Physician's Mate

Various Enlisted Positions (please enquire)

Civilian Positions

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